• Artist Statement

    The landscape is a repository, containing my experiences and memories, beliefs and observations. It holds these two realities, the tangible and the ephemeral, simultaneously. These abstract sculptures, which reference natural and constructed landscapes, explore universal and personal relationships to place through formal explorations. Elements within the work conjure the physicality of place, as well and the psychological power of the landscape.

    Just as the landscape itself is not static, our relationship to place is always in flux. There is an aesthetic balance of deliberate and spontaneous elements within the work, meant to evoke our shifting connections to the land. The landscape becomes a reflection of the sequence and rhythm of life- encompassing the vastness of geologic time, as well as the immediacy of a particular moment.

    Time is of equal significance. The work begins before entering the studio or touching material, with a thoughtful investigation of my surroundings. It may take years before observations and responses to a place translate into form. The process of creating the work is equally time-intensive and meticulous. Each sculptural form is created and glaze painted by hand, with each layer of the process slowly building upon, and responding to, the one before it. Collectively, the works represent a myriad of places, and span an arc of time, representing the past, present, and future.

    Like strata, these physical and conceptual layers fuse, and the work becomes a record of what the landscape, and all of the complexities of my relationship to it, holds.